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Our tropical environment here in Guam has more of a detrimental affect on metallic items more than plastic. The temperature ranges from 78 to 88 degrees all year round and seldom rises any higher or dips any lower. The salty rain is what contributes to metallic corrosion early on at our locale.

Black Rhino Recycling has supported the 644th Combat Communications Sq stationed at Andersen AFB Guam by providing them with thick wall, hollow recycled plastic dunnage. The product has withstood tropical storms, high winds and continues to provide them with unparalleled reliability at an affordable price.

The hollow, plastic dunnage has been great for us. We've had them for almost a year now and they continue to serve us just as well as when we first received them. To date, I have not received a single complaint about this product from any one of the 100+ personnel that have used them in palletizing mobile communications equipment on aircraft pallets.

644 CBCS/CYX - Resource Advisor
Andersen AFB, Guam

As you know, here in Phoenix, it gets a little warm (115 in the summer sometimes more) but nothing like Kuwait. We have a few sections on base that are using your dunnage and I haven't seen any problems relating to heat issues yet. I'd say the hottest it gets here is maybe 118 in the summer, I'm pretty happy with the product, my biggest push for purchasing it was because I had to replace all my brand new wood dunnage when we deployed out of country. The stuff we brought picked up termites and we had to purchase bug free stuff to return home.

Kevin S. Richards, SMSgt
Aerial Port Element