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100% Recycled Plastic Parking Blocks

Ensure your parking lot is safe and efficient with our 100% recycled plastic parking blocks. Because we use recycled materials, our parking blocks are a great, environmentally friendly alternative to wooden or concrete blocks. Our plastic blocks are highly durable, allowing for long term use in your parking lots.

The solid plastic build of our blocks make them hard to crack or split, and they will not splinter as wooden blocks would. Our recycled parking blocks are also waterproof, meaning they will not rot from exposure to the elements. Contact us to learn more about our parking blocks and see why using plastic is the perfect solution for your parking lot.

Available in Various Sizes

Whether you are looking for standard-sized car blocks or larger truck parking blocks, Black Rhino has you covered. We offer our blocks in four, six, and eight-foot lengths with various weights available at each size. Our four-foot blocks are available at 20 or 24 pounds, while our six-foot blocks can be 25, 30, or 36 pounds. Additionally, our 100% recycled plastic parking blocks are available in various colors, including yellow, blue, and gray. To learn more about the size and color options available, reach out to our office.